Discover The Power Of Jewelry

Discover The Power of Jewelry

If someone wonders about the roots of jewelry in mankind’s history, he will make a long journey in space and time. It is impressive that the first jewelry was found, according to academic research, a hundred years ago.

However, what is even more interesting for someone, is to notice why people use jewelry.

For example, we can see the first man to kill the monster that threatened his small community and then hang the animal tooth on his neck as a trophy for his victory. When people were forced to leave each other, they made figures of deities from the rocks and hung them on their necks to banish evil. It is not also a random fact that kings used the crown to show off their authority and that religions created jewelry with their symbols.

These are some of the examples that indicate the remarkable value of jewelry as a symbol and as a code of communication. This power of jewelry plays a significant role, though unconsciously, in our lives even today. According to acupuncturists, we choose to wear the bands we exchange with the man of our life on the figure connected with the heart meridian.

For Vasilis Giampouras, the designer of Giampouras Collections, jewelry creation is his personal choice that expresses his deep desire for communication. Having realized that jewelry is a vivid object that contains the artist’s soul, he firmly believes that to communicate through jewelry, you ought to know many things about yourself and what you want to say.

He has made a long inner journey that opened the limits of his imagination to an upper level of consciousness. Thus, he can compose and communicate all the parts of himself. He grew up on the Greek island of Naxos and had much influence by nature which determined his psyche.

This is why he wants to share all these bright and colorful images that remind us of the positive aspect of life. For Vasilis Giampouras, all the beauty of life exists in nature. Thus, nature is his source of inspiration, where he finds images of harmony, balance, love, and happiness.

We invite you to navigate to our site so that you can communicate with the creator through his jewelry and feel their magic.

Enjoy it !!!

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