Romantic Silver Enamel Butterfly Necklace

Product SKU : NECKLACE_1642_6

A romantic silver enamel butterfly necklace conveys a messenger for hope and happiness in life.

For Giampouras Collections, all the beauty of life exists in nature. Nature is a limitless source of inspiration where someone can find images of harmony, balance, love, and happiness.

For example, the “Butterflies”!!! Small light figures hovering in our world connect us with fairytale worlds. Talking with flowers, they recall memories of beauty and happiness—a source of inspiration that touches the world of the soul. Butterfly wings are incredibly delicate, yet they can soar through the sky effortlessly.

In our “Flock of Butterflies” collection, these beautiful figures embrace the power of gemstones with their beauty. 

This beautiful romantic silver enamel butterfly necklace combines the subtleness and clarity of enamel with playful butterflies.

 We propose you embrace the butterflies’ transformation and feel your inner power. 

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Light Blue

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No Chain, Silver 40cm, Silver 45cm


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