Silver Snail Ring With Blue Enamel

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A tiny silver snail ring with blue enamel is waiting to gift it to your precious little girl.

For Giampouras Collections, nature is an unlimited source of inspiration. Nature offers us a wonderful landscape with colors and sounds, a magical realm with so many different types of life which activate the sense of balance, peace, and harmony inside us.

For example, the peaceful and silent snails with their spiral shapes are part of myths and legends, sometimes depicting the creation of the world. Snails never disturb the life around them, and thus they could be a symbol of kindness to the environment we live in.  

This silver snail ring with blue enamel is made out of sterling silver (925°), and heated enamel at 850° C.  Intricately created, it gives a realistic effect of the spiral shell and enhances your mood with its bright blue color.

It is an adjustable ring with a flattering fit for any hand.

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