Crystal Balance Necklace with Gold Plated Spiral Element and Turquoise Enamel

Product SKU : NECKLACE_10132_120

A glowing crystal balance necklace encloses the beauty of turquoise color.

For Giampouras Collections, “Jewel is a very personal item, closely-related with the most sophisticated part of our existence.” In our Blooming Collection, you can find your secret in your enamel pendant. Only you can notice the hidden image beneath the crystal. It is “a holly secret.” Penetrating the different aspects of the crystal, depending on the moment of your life, you can see other images.

This spiritual crystal necklace is a romantic gift for her. The clear quartz crystal combined with the blue enamel safeguards the  “holly secret.” Only she is the one who can notice the hidden spiral beneath the crystal. 

Τhe archetypal symbol of the spiral originates from our galaxy and its motion. When we see these symbols, we are connected with the vibration of this field. This connection activates our inner memory and awakens our higher consciousness. A symbol with power, deriving from an archetypal dimension.

A crystal balance necklace is ideal as a yoga jewelry

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Light Turquoise

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No Chain, Gold Plated Silver 40cm, Gold Plated Silver 45cm


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