White Plum Blossom Necklace Made Out Of Silver and Enamel

Product SKU : PENDANT_10682_59

A white plum blossom necklace can be a symbol of grace and innocence.

For Giampouras Collections, nature is an unlimited source of inspiration. Nature adorns flowers with a pallet of colors that enliven memories of the most dreamy moments of our life. Their beauty and vibration can give us the most powerful protection.

Specifically, “Plum Blossom” adds a tone of romance, purity, and innocence to our Flower Collection. Plum and Sakura Flowers are a symbol of renewal and optimism. They create a magical atmosphere that inspires gratitude and mindfulness. 

This enamel plum blossom pendant is made out of sterling silver (925°) and heated enamel at 850° C. Intricately created, gives an absolutely flattering fit on a woman’s hand. The subtlety and clarity of the enamel petals, as well as the gold-plated stamens, give a realistic effect. This white plum blossom necklace captures the charming fragility and freshness of this wonderful flower.


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No Chain, Silver 40cm, Silver 45cm


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