Small Poppy Flower Ring with Red Enamel Petals and Gold Plated Stamens

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A small poppy flower ring for women of all ages, delicate and sophisticated.

For Giampouras Collections, nature is an unlimited source of inspiration. Nature adorns flowers with a pallet of colors that enliven memories of the most nostalgic moments of our life. Their beauty and vibration can give us the most powerful protection.

For example, “Poppies,” part of the Flower collection, is dedicated to spring. Poppies are the first message of this beautiful season of the year. The positive message of nature shows her beauty and her power. When you see the poppy in Springfield coming out of the golden earth, the spring is very close. It is the moment that the whole creation is preparing for the big event, ” Spring Celebration.”   During this period of the year, all the senses are waking, and fascinating excitement penetrates all of our existence.

This small red poppy flower ring is made out of sterling silver (925) and heated enamel at 850 C. When you wear it, it stands in the middle of your fingers, beautifying your hand in a way that does not bother you. The remarkable detail in the center of the flower is the gold-plated stamens of the poppy, making it more realistic. At the same time, the subtlety and clarity of the enamel petals capture the fragile beauty.

It is an adjustable ring and fits gracefully in any woman’s hand.

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