Statement Cocktail Ring with Butterflies, Gold Plated with enamel and 24K Gold Leaf

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A statement cocktail ring with butterflies full of romantic mood.

For Giampouras Collections, all the beauty of life exists in nature. Nature is a limitless source of inspiration where someone can find images of harmony, balance, love, and happiness.

For example, “Butterflies”!!! Small light figures hovering in our world connect us with fairytale worlds. Talking with flowers, they recall memories of beauty and happiness—a source of inspiration that touches the world of the soul.
In our “Flock of Butterflies” collection, these beautiful figures, embrace wembrace all the emitting beauty!!!

A statement cocktail ring with butterflies combines the subtleness and purity of enamel adorned with golden leaves with the beauty of dainty, playful butterflies. We propose you embrace the transformation that the butterflies represent and feel the magic.

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